DIY Fall leaf wood cut out

Wood Craft Blueprints

Supplies: – 1×4 pine boards – 1″ staples – rose gold spray paint – stencil and white paint (optional) – leaf stencil – you can use any leaf pattern or even free hand a design if you are artistic enough

To start, get 5 boards cut at 20 inches long.  If using 1x4's the width will be about 17 inches

Next, you'll trace your stencil onto the boards. I printed a pdf I found online and printed it in poster mode. I then cut the shape out and taped it together.

Start cutting the shape out with a bandsaw or jig saw, board by board. Since this leaf has so many points, be sure to make relief cuts for easy cutting.

Once the shape is cut out, sand the face and edges.  Be sure to get your marker or pencil lines sanded off.

To attach the boards together I took some 1x1 scrap strips and stapled them on the back. Be sure to connect all of the pieces from top to bottom.

Spray one coat of Rose gold spray paint on the wood leaf for a metallic finish.


For the full tutorial: